UDC Student-Athletes Honored at First Student-Worker Recognition Banquet

Student Center

WASHINGTON, DC – Twenty-seven total current and former University of the District of Columbia student-athletes were honored at the First Student-Worker Recognition Banquet in the Student Center Ballroom on Monday, May 1st.

Among the 28 student-athletes, 13 worked for the UDC Athletic Department in 2016-17. They performed gameday operations tasks such as equipment set-up and breakdown, ball-running on the sidelines at soccer and lacrosse contests, ushers and ticket-takers at basketball games, clock operators at soccer and lacrosse games, and various other essential jobs.

Other student-athletes were honored for their work in various other departments across campus. (A list of all the student-athletes and their department worked in can be found below)

Employed in virtually all departments across the campus, students are a vital part of UDC's work force, and their contributions span all aspects of University functions: enrollment management, research, administration, information systems and technology, public health, library, athletics, tutoring and more.

Student positions are broad and range from trainee level to higher research and technical positions. Student employment is a learning experience that complements students' academic and career goals and provides valuable work experience. Beyond giving students the ability to earn money while earning their degree, student employees are a valuable asset to UDC by filling in the gap for its daily staffing needs.

The purpose of the Student-Worker Recognition Banquet, a gathering which promises to become an annual campus event, was to come together as administration, staff and faculty, to say thank you to the student workers for their hard work, dedication, and professionalism.


Student-Athlete Workers:


Brittany Okon – Campaign 9:30

Temera Duncan – Campaign 9:30

Jasmine Walker – Campaign 9:30

Shannell Hibbert – Campaign 9:30

Stacy-Ann Rowe – Campaign 9:30

Ander Murillo – Career Services

Aaliyah Carter – Student Leader / Athletics

Tatyana Calhoun – Student Leader

Jhamed Owens – Student Center

Elio Hernandez – Student Center

Moussa Traore – Student Center / Athletics

Teilen Celentano – Student Center

Rok Bozic – Campus Tours, High School & Community Outreach / Title III

Marco Feligioni – College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability & Environmental Sciences

Victor Salinas Furio - College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability & Environmental Sciences

Mehdi Badache – School of Engineering & Applied Sciences / Athletics

Alan Singleton – Athletics

Chris Moke – Athletics

Danielle Falco – Athletics

Darien McPhail-Millard – Athletics

Dominique Dotson – Athletics

Edmund Taylor – Athletics

LaRon Hinton – Athletics

Michael Agboola – Athletics

Shantrel Oliver – Athletics

Syrrus Nash – Athletics

Turner Alison – Athletics

Liam Haycock - SEVIS