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Diversity Week Day 5 - I Tyler Mace

Diversity Week Day 5 - I Tyler Mace

NCAA Diversity & Inclusion Week

I pledge…

By Tyler Mace


The meaning of diversity is to understand that each individual is unique and has the ability to recognize our individual differences.  This can be anything from race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age or political beliefs along with many other ideologies as well. 

As I have spent years going through school and playing many different sports before focusing on lacrosse, diversity is an aspect that has and always will be with me.  During my years of schooling, it was evident to me at a young age that no one person is the same, and that is okay. I grew and I began to understand my beliefs and core values, that this is what makes up society.  Over the years of playing many different sports, and even now with lacrosse, my teammates varied in race, socio-economic status, age and had different political ideologies, but that is what made us who we are.  There was never a time or a moment where someone would not be included or accepted because of this.  Diversity amongst us as a people provides growth and enhancement in finding unity.

As the president of the student-athlete advisory committee, this is a matter I take great pride in.  It is important to embrace our differences. I pledge to treat all people with the utmost respect, regardless of what identities they may hold.  I will not only be a leader within my respective sport, but also a role model to other student-athletes, showing just how important diversity is to our institution and to the world we live in.